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Delivery of printed products from the printing house to distribution points

Pick-up of print runs from printing houses, temporary storage and delivery of leaflets, booklets, magazines, newspapers and further transportation to a large number of addresses is the main specialization of our company. If you work with some Moscow or St. Petersburg printing houses, our expedition is sure to be there, and we can simultaneously deliver your printed products.

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Distribution of printed publications requires operational efficiency. Our daily routes cover all areas of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, and the experience of pick-up and distribution of printed publications since 2003 guarantees a professional approach to work. We provide any possible operations with print runs:

  • Free temporary storage of print runs (when ordering transport services)

  • Express delivery to a large number of distribution points (from 100)

  • Distribution of printed products for advertising purposes for thousands of our points

  • Processing and sorting of print runs in the warehouse


  • Long-distance delivery in Russia


Since 2003 our company has been transporting print runs. Our clients are editorial offices of various newspapers and magazines, companies producing branded catalogs or flyers, advertising agencies. Every day we take print runs from printing houses, sort them in the warehouse and deliver them to hundreds of different addresses such as filling stations, shopping and office centers, polyclinics, car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets.

Our main advantages:


Our daily routes in Moscow and St. Petersburg cover all areas of the city.

Large Scale

A large vehicle fleet allows us to provide delivery simultaneously to a large number of addresses.

Full cycle

We provide turnkey service - picking the products, transportation to the warehouse, packing, temporary storage, delivery to the recipients.


For each delivery point a photo report or an invoice signed by the responsible persons is formed, which can be monitored using a computer or mobile devices.


We are not a classical transport company, the basis of our fleet of vehicles is the cars such as wagon and “pickup”.

Individual approach

The set tasks, volumes and geography of work of our clients are very different, which implies different types of reporting. We do not have a conveyor so each project is conducted separately, although it is completed by the efforts of one large team.


We do not have minimum volumes, minor customers and too far locations. We do not “twist our customers' hands” in desperate situations. We always try to satisfy our customers in terms of value, as the company's policy implies a long-term partnership.


The most valuable thing that we have is the trust of our customers. We are very proud that our clients and partners have been cooperating with us for many years, and we think that each of them can tell you a kind word about us!

If the situation with terms is complicated, we start working without delay. As for the process of signing the contract and other bureaucracy processes they are going in parallel and so they do not affect the speed of delivery!


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