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Distribution of advertising from stands in real estate agencies and insurance companies

Размещайте свою печатную рекламу и информацию для клиентов агентств недвижимости и страховых компаний. Стойки или столы с рекламной информацией расположены при входе в офисы компаний и видны всем посетителям.

Advertising in insurance companies Advertising in real estate agencies Advertising on stands and tables Advertising in real estate agencies and insurance companies

Advertising on the stands in real estate agencies and insurance companies is a great opportunity to address to the well-off people, the owners of movable or immovable property, who seek to protect or multiply it.

This is an effective method of promoting your products. Being at a realtor or an insurance agent, the client decides his housing and transport issues. He faces a choice of what services to use, what real estate and where to buy better, etc. At this point, additional advertising information can push the client to a particular solution.

Your advertising will be seen, because waiting for their turn in an insurance or real estate office, people often have nothing to do, and they pay attention to advertising leaflets, flyers or magazines.

Advantages of this advertising format:

  • A high-income category of citizens. Most visitors to real estate agencies and insurance companies are people with a high level of income, possessing ownership of any property (movable or immovable).
  • Your advertising will be seen. Often, customers of these companies are forced to wait their turn to the manager or the results of checking and processing documents. At this point, people often take flyers and study them to somehow pass the time.
  • Effectiveness. Solving their property issues a person often faces a choice. Your advertising is quite able to push him/her in the right direction.

Distributing your advertising materials in real estate agencies and insurance companies, you get a unique opportunity to offer your goods or services to people who are in the process of making decisions on housing or transportation issues.


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