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Prompt delivery of printed products and small-sized cargoes to a large number of points in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Urgent long-distance delivery from door to door, secure storage and handling of goods, complex transport services for printing houses, editorial offices and advertising agencies.

Transport services  Cargo transportation services

Presence of own representatives in almost every city of Russia and long-term cooperation with a number of the largest publishing houses, printing houses and advertising agencies have allowed us to create a global logistics network, the routes of which cover all areas of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of our country. You can take advantages of our existing transport and logistics infrastructure, which will allow you to make the delivery faster and cheaper as well as to quickly start-up work processes. Here is a list of the most demanded transport and logistics services that we provide:

Delivery of printed material runs

Every day we take out the print runs from printing houses and deliver newspapers, magazines and leaflets to various addresses. Every day you can see the printed products delivered by our company in supermarkets, at gas stations, in business centers or on board aircraft.

Delivery of printed products  Delivery of print runs to the points

Express city delivery to a large number of points

Our capabilities allow us to organize in the shortest time the express delivery of small-sized cargoes to a large (from 100) number of points without the predatory extra charges for urgency.

Express delivery in the city  Prompt delivery in the city

Express inter-city delivery

Prompt delivery by the allocated vehicles between Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other cities. It is the fastest way to deliver your cargo, as time is not wasted for intermediate terminals, and documents are drawn up during transportation.

Prompt delivery by intercity routes  Express long-distance delivery

Secure storage and handling of small cargoes in the warehouse at the metro station “Shosse Entuziastov”

The capabilities of our warehouse, which is located very close to the metro station, allow us to store various low-value cargoes and carry out their further distribution or delivery to different addresses.

Warehouse storage  Secure storage

Transport services for printing houses

Our service makes it possible for printing houses to increase the profits and the customer loyalty by expanding the list of additional services in the field of transport and logistics.

Delivery of goods for printing houses  Transportation services for printing houses

Our company has been cooperating for many years in the field of delivery with various periodicals, the specific feature of which is the short term of "life" (several hours for daily publications), printing delays and the urgent delivery to a large number (from 100) of points. These circumstances have taught us to quickly and efficiently carry out prompt delivery to a large number of addresses, which is our main specialization in the delivery of printed products.

Our fleet mainly consists of vehicles such as "pickups" and light trucks, which enter freely to different areas and around the clock distribute newspapers, magazines and catalogs among the filling stations, retail networks, business centers, hotels, airports, gas stations and other facilities in different cities.

If the situation with terms is complicated, we start working without delay. As for the process of signing the contract and other bureaucracy processes they are going in parallel and so they do not affect the speed of delivery!


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