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Distribution of printed products in pharmacy chains

Place your print ad on the stands located in pharmacies and clinics. Clear audience and different location will make it possible to spread your advertising with maximum efficiency.

Advertising on stands in drugstores Advertising on stands in polyclinics Реклама в аптеках и поликлиниках

Advertising in pharmacies and polyclinics is a unique opportunity to appeal to your audience if you are engaged in production or sale of goods and services for health.

You can notify inexpensively and effectively the potential customers about the beginning of the action or the release of a new product by placing your information on the counters in pharmacies and clinics. Broad coverage of the target audience is provided by placing promo materials in places with the highest traffic. At the same time, you save money because renting an advertising cell per month is quite inexpensive and roughly equal to the price of a small advertising module in a newspaper or magazine. People will have time to get acquainted with your leaflet or booklet in detail, as waiting in line for a medicine or a doctor's appointment provides an excellent opportunity.

Advantages of advertising on the counters in pharmacies and polyclinics:

  • Full coverage of the target audience. Stands with promotional materials are located in the entrance group or cash zone, in the places where your information is likely to catch the eye of customers.
  • Prolonged contact with advertising. Spending time in the queue, a person is in no hurry and can safely examine your booklet or leaflet.
  • Saving money. A whole month of advertising at the counter is equal to the price of a single placement in a newspaper or magazine.

We will place your printed information quickly and at affordable prices and provide a report on the work done.


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