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Distribution of advertising from stands in hotels and hostels

We will distribute your printed advertising on stands and tables in the halls of hotels and hostels. Depending on the class and cost of institutions, you can flexibly choose exactly the category of guests who are interesting to you.

Advertising in hotels and hostels Advertising on stands in hotels Размещение рекламы на стойках в гостиницах и общежитиях

Placement of advertising on the stands in hotels and hostels is an effective kind of promotion, the result of which you will notice almost the next day. Coming to the place of temporary residence a person is torn from his habitual environment, he does not know where to have dinner or make a purchase, he may not have the most necessary things with him. At the same time, he is already ready to spend money, you can even say, he is tuned to spend money. At this moment, advertising information about a particular product can be very much in demand.

Leaflets on stands are an inexpensive and convenient way to inform a wide audience. You do not have to spend money on printing a large number of advertising media, which then will still be sent to the urn. The client will take only the leaflet that interested him. Together with your flyer a person gets compactly collected information on the product of interest, and you get a potential buyer. And if you place a map of the city or the metro on the back of your flyer, it will stimulate a potential customer to take your advertising with you.

Advantages of placing the advertising on stands in hotels and hostels:

  • Active buyers. Coming on business or on holiday to another city, people are ready beforehand to spend money, even for souvenirs to relatives and friends.
  • Efficiency. Staying in a hotel or hostel, people find themselves in a new situation for themselves. They do not know where to get a good dinner, make a purchase or order a taxi. At this point, advertising information can be very useful.
  • Saving money. You do not have to spend money on printing a huge amount of promotional materials. Your advertising will fall exactly on the target, because it will be taken only by someone to whom it will be really interesting.

Distribution of your newspapers or leaflets in hotels and hostels will allow you to tell about your goods or services to a wide range of guests and tourists right on the site of their temporary residence.


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