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Distribution of promotional leaflets at events, presentations, exhibitions

We will spread your advertising information at exhibitions, conferences and other social events. Tell about your product or service to the selected audience at the events that interest you.

Advertising at events Distribution of advertising at exhibitions

Distribution of leaflets at exhibitions, conferences and other social events is an inexpensive and at the same time extremely effective method for attracting attention to different types of goods and services. It allows you to work with those groups of people who are interested in your proposals. In addition, you can always flexibly adjust the process of promo-distribution at each event by time, location of staff and voice-activated slogans.

This kind of promotion is an excellent opportunity, without dispersing your money, to appeal to the audience of experts compactly gathered in one place. As a rule, public events are a place of gathering the public with the same professional or personal interests. Often, this is unique audience which gathers in one territory people of a certain profession, industry, adherents of specific brands or political views.

There are a number of methods for increasing the effectiveness of promotional materials:

  • It is advisable to leave in the booklets a free field on which the visitor can make notes himself during the visit of the exhibition, because people value their own records and rarely part with them.
  • You can print on the back of the handouts the information useful to visitors (time zones, distances between major cities, train and aircraft schedules, etc.).

Our experience, resources and reasonable prices allow us to organize promo-actions for the distribution of leaflets as quickly, efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

Advantages of this type of promo distribution:

  • Unique audience. For example, if a conference of ophthalmologists or an exhibition of oil and gas equipment is held there is a good opportunity to deliver your information to a group of specialists gathered in one place.
  • Clear localization. Targeted assistance to specific goods, services or trade facilities at a number of selected activities.
  • Efficiency. The organization of such a campaign does not require a long preparation and in the presence of materials the action is launched as soon as possible.
  • Flexible approach. You can always flexibly adjust the process of promo-distribution at each event by time intervals and the location of personnel.

Distributing your advertising materials through our promoters at various events, you get an individual advertising tool that works on the principle of "here and now", and which immediately begins to "lure" buyers to you.


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