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Monitoring of the quality of public services

We provide fast and independent monitoring and quality control of public services - clinics, schools, State Road Traffic Safety Inspections, Uniform Information and Accounting Centres, social service centres, public transport, Housing and Utility Infrastructure, employment centres in terms of their performance and price characteristics in any part of Russia.

Monitoring of schools Monitoring of clinics Monitoring of employment centres

There are many state and municipal enterprises in every Russian city that provide services to the citizens in various fields. With account of remoteness of many cities and regions, it is rather difficult to monitor the situation at the local level. With the help of our representatives in different cities and towns of Russia, we will visit the facilities which you are interested in and where the services to citizens are provided, and will make a report on the necessary parameters. Monitoring of the state municipal services will help to identify the problems of the state enterprises efficiently and quickly!

It is no secret that, unlike the commercial organizations, the state and municipal enterprises are much less effective. However, in some cases they have no alternatives and that allows them not to care about the quality of work. In case of poor work quality of such institutions, complaints at the local level rarely help to remedy the situation as the management is somewhere in the capital city. On the other hand, even after having received a complaint about the regional offices, it is quite difficult for the management being in the other city to estimate the real picture of what is happening.

Monitoring of Uniform Information and Accounting Centre

We have representatives in almost every city of Russia who in no time can visit the institutions which you are interested in and get the information according to the technical specifications issued. In a few hours we will show you the real picture in the field of state and municipal services in any regions of Russia.

All the data are recorded and processed in a special information system which displays the real-time progress of the work, has functions of online viewing, data download to Excel, flexible access for a set of parameters (region, city, etc.) that you can provide to your regional offices or partners.



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