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Distribution of advertising from stands in authorities, employment centers and social service centers

Place your print ads on the territory of state institutions - in social service centers and employment centers in different districts of the city. Stands or tables with advertising information are located next to the entrance group of these institutions and are under the supervision of the guard.

Advertising in the authorities Advertising in the centers of employment Advertising in the centers of social services

Advertising on the stands in employment centers and authorities is an opportunity to address to your potential customers if you are engaged in the production and sale of consumer goods of economy class, provide a sale or action at a discount, advertise any educational institutions or want to hire people to work.

A wide audience and duration of advertising contact are the distinguishing features of this format of advertising. Periodically, life circumstances force citizens to apply to social protection agencies on various issues. They languish in long queues and to do with themselves take promotional leaflets from stands. During the time that a person is in the queue, he will have time to take your print media, get acquainted with the information, consider and take note of it.

Advertising in the authorities Advertising in the centers of employment Advertising in the centers of social services

You can address directly to potential clients residing in this area, without dispersing the advertising budget, because to use the state support provided by employment centers and social centers can only the people with a local residence permit.

Advantages of advertising in centers of employment, authorities and centers of social services:

  • Point reference to your audience. Clients of such state institutions are citizens registered in the area.
  • Duration of the promotional contact. In the process of waiting for their turn, people with pleasure take advertising and get acquainted with it.
  • Awareness of wide audience. Centers for social support and administration are visited by different segments of the population.

By placing your print ads in social service centers and employment centers, you gain access to a wide audience of the area that have a large amount of forced free time and could thoroughly study your information!


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