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Distribution of leaflets from stands in car dealerships, car centers, driving schools, car washes and auto parts shops

Place your print advertising and information for a wide audience of motorists in the waiting rooms of car dealers, car repair centers, car washes, car shops and driving schools. Choose from a large number of retail facilities that serve both individual auto brands and those that do not have a narrow specialization.

Advertising in car dealerships and auto centers Реклама на автомойках

Placement of printed advertising on tables and stands in car dealerships and auto centers will allow you to fully cover the target audience. Without spending extra money, you can point out to your potential customers about the release of a new product or service. According to statistics, every third Russian has a car. All these people visit technical centers, car parlors, car washes, etc., spending in anticipation from 1 to 4 hours. This is a great opportunity to notice your advertising and to familiarize with it in comfortable atmosphere.

This type of promotion is suitable for a wide range of advertisers. This is a great way to promote both the specialized and image products. Most of the car enthusiasts are people with high and middle income who are ready to spend their money not only for car goods, but also for expensive things or interesting leisure.

Advantages of placing the printed advertising in car dealerships and auto centers:

  • Prolonged contact with your advertising. While waiting for the machine to be cleaned or repaired, the client can get acquainted with your printed information in detail.
  • Full coverage of the target audience. Almost 30% of citizens of our country are car owners who regularly visit technical centers and car washes.
  • Addressing to your market segment. Choosing the facilities for your advertising company by geographical location, demographic or social characteristics, you can contact directly to your audience.
  • Suitable for a wide range of advertisers. Buying and maintaining a car is not an expensive pleasure. For people with money, not only car goods are of interest, but also many other different things that they can afford.

By placing your advertising materials in the waiting rooms of auto technical centers, car washes, car shops and driving schools, you get access to a wide audience of motorists who are in the process of rendering services and are forced to languish in waiting rooms


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