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Independent monitoring of political events

We provide operational and independent monitoring of civic engagement in political activities or in situations of social protests in any part of Russia. We get the analysis of the number of people, the event format and location, the mood and demands of the people from independent sources at the local level.

Monitoring of political events Audit of political events Monitoring of political actions and demonstrations

We live in hard times when due to political and economic factors, large groups of people express their discontent through various political actions. Sometimes these actions are prepared in advance, and sometimes occur spontaneously due to enterprise bankruptcy or resonant crimes. With account of remoteness of these events, it is difficult to understand their scope, real causes and possible consequences. The only sources of information on political events, especially in small towns, can be either local authorities or the media that depend on the authorities. For various reasons they can give not objective information about the situation at the local level.

Monitoring of policy measures will be able to provide the full and objective picture of a real situation. Our representatives will visit the political events which you are interested in and make a report on the necessary parameters.

Audit of political events

For example, we can provide some of the most popular parameters which our customers are interested in when auditing political events:

  • number of participants;
  • location, such as the venue for political actions, their location and the area;
  • speeches, that is chronology and list of speakers, video recording of speeches if possible;
  • оrganization, in particular for the authorized actions this criterion may include ease of entry and exit, number of points of public catering and toilets, security;
  • design and slogans, that is tracking the requirements and photos of posters;
  • moods and opinions – to get these data we conduct random mini-surveys of participants.

All the data will be processed in a special information system which has functions of data download to Excel, as well as online viewing, besides it allows you to monitor the real-time progress of the work. Our system gives flexible access for a set of parameters (region, city, etc.) that you can provide to your regional offices or partners.

Our capabilities allow us to arrive at a political event in any city of Russia as soon as possible and to get the latest information and opinions from the scene. After receiving from us an alternative picture, based on several sources of information, it is possible to draw objective conclusions about the current political events and scenarios of their development.



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