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Long-distance express delivery of small cargoes

Fast delivery of cargoes by separate vehicles from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities across Russia. Turnkey work - from door to door. Weight - up to 20 tons. Documents are processed in parallel and will not hamper the transportation process. In Moscow and St. Petersburg – the vehicles are provided within a few hours. The best working conditions for legal entities!

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How does the long-distance delivery scheme look like?

  • You need to deliver the goods to the terminal of the transport company by yourself (or with the help of an additional option)

  • Further, they are sorted and put in a package freight that is sent to the terminal in another city with a certain periodicity.


    After delivery to the terminal, you need to deliver the goods to the destination by yourself (or again using the additional option).

This scheme works well under the following conditions:

  • You have enough time

  • There aren’t many points of pick-up and delivery of goods

  • You do not need to get any documents from your destination

Violation of any of these conditions leads to the fact that the cost of delivery grows many times, it is impossible to reduce the time, and the attitude of the transport company is devil-may-care, because they can have more important clients.

Express inter-city delivery Express delivery by intercity routes

What do we offer?

We allocate for your needs a separate car (cars) that does all the work on a turn-key basis - picking up cargo at one or several points and delivering it to the destinations with all possible forms of reporting.

Why is this option more preferable?


Just imagine how much time is lost when sending your cargo as a package freight - delivery to the terminal of the transport company, sorting, waiting for the package freight, low speed of the wagon, sorting at the terminal at the destination, delivery to the addressee. We immediately put the cargo on the wheels, and it moves to the goal! 


If you need an international delivery as a package freight and if you involve the freight company to pick-up (deliver) your goods from (to) the terminal and if you have several points of issue or acceptance of your goods, the cost of delivery of such a "collection" increases many times.

Individual approach

  • Do you need to see the driver sign the reporting forms or make a photo report on delivery at the destination point?
  • Would you like not to disclose with whose help the cargo was delivered or present the sent vehicle as your own one? 
  • Would you like to track where the driver is at the moment and give him some new directions when he is on the way?

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