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Promo-distribution of advertising leaflets and goods

Distribution of your publications and advertising with the help of promotional staff in various places and districts of the city. Daily in the "fields" there are dozens or hundreds of people whose work can be seen "alive." One of the best conditions for corporate clients and the ability to collect quickly a large number (from 200 people) of promotional staff.

Promo-distribution of leaflets Distribution of leaflets Promo-distribution

Distribution of promotional printed materials with the help of promotional staff is one of the most effective and time-tested ways of delivering your information to a wide range of people. Despite all the apparent simplicity, it is not so easy to organize a competent distribution of printed advertising. It is important how the staff looks, what it is wearing, how they behave in the process of work and their proper location. It is on the location of the promoter depends the audience that you need to receive. Usually, promo-distribution is conducted on the following sites:

At a metro station

The huge traffic of people at metro stations allows you to convey your information to the widest circle of people passing by. You can distribute daily almost unlimited circulations of newspapers, leaflets and booklets.

Distribution of leaflets at the metro stations Distribution of printed materials at the metro stations Distribution of printed materials at the metro stations

In shopping centers

Large audience of people shopping. The ability to clearly segment the audience by age, sex and financial position, depending on the type of retail facilities.

Distribution of leaflets in shopping centers Distribution of leaflets in shopping centers Distribution of leaflets near the shopping center

Under the car wipers

Choose the time, place, brand and model of cars. Your advertisement will fall into the hands of those who need you here and now.

Distribution of leaflets under car windshield wipers Leaflets under wipers Placing the leaflets under windshield wipers

At events

Presentation, exhibition, any other event where people are gathered to whom you want to tell something. Distribution of promotional materials for event visitors is always effective, because these people have come there to learn something new that will help to be more effective.

Advertising at events Advertising at exhibitions Distributing leaflets at events


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