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Distribution of advertising from stands in multifunctional centers of public services "My Documents" (MFC)

We offer to place your prints and advertisements on the territory of one of the most popular state institutions- multifunctional centers of public services "My Documents". Stands for distribution of printed products are located at the entrances or near infotamas and are clearly visible to all visitors to the MFC.

A distinctive feature of advertising in the MFC is the audience, which consists of residents of the district who apply for a particular service to the State. The list of services provided by the "My Documents" centers is constantly expanding and more and more residents of the region go there with completely different purposes - they receive certificates, change their passports and rights to the car, register business, issue permits and benefits.

By placing your leaflets or booklets in the MFC "My Documents" you not only understand in what area the visitors of each MFC live, but also use in full their time waiting in line. Taking a ticket with the number of the queue, many visitors of the MFC come to the stands with the press and choose the materials of interest to them for reading.

Some advantages of advertising in MFC "My Documents":

  • Audience is clearly segmented by place of residence, which can easily be scaled to the District or sample strictly in the areas of interest.
  • Forced pause with waiting the queue allows visitors to MFC to study your material in detail.
  • A large number of visitors - the list of services provided in the MFC is constantly expanding, and
  • Each person makes a conscious choice of what to take from the stand on their own based on their needs and interests.
  • MFC visitors are adults and capable people making decisions independently.

By placing leaflets and booklets in multifunctional centers "My Documents", you get an effective way to bring your information to the widest audience of the necessary areas of the city in a relaxed atmosphere at affordable prices!


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