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Monitoring of shops and audit of trade facilities

We provide an independent audit of trade facilities! We will check the availability of certain types of goods and their price characteristics at the sales points in a short period of time and at a reasonable price. We will provide monitoring of advertising and competitors' prices, priority goods display and producers’ advertising, as well as other parameters. You will get all the information from our independent local sources in any part of Russia.

Monitoring of goods Monitoring of prices Monitoring of competitors’ goods and prices

In Russia there is a great number of trade facilities which are of some interest of different groups of people such as management, shareholders, lessors, regulatory authorities, manufacturers of products, competing retail chains. With account of the vast geography of facilities, it is difficult enough to monitor the local situation. Our representatives in different cities and towns of Russia will visit trade facilities which you are interested in and make a report on the necessary parameters.

Here are the most popular types of services that are interesting for our customers when auditing retail facilities:

  • Monitoring of competitors' prices - monitoring of the cost of certain commodity items and competing products within the retail network/city /region/country.
  • Display of goods - checking the placement of goods in the sales areas and the availability of promotional materials at sales points.
  • Assortment policy - audit of the availability of certain products in trade facilities in the retail network/city /region/country and pricing in this segment.
  • Audit of trade facilities - monitoring of the performance of retail facilities: purity of commercial halls, queues at checkout points and number of cashiers, presence of shop assistants in the sale areas, number of customers in the store and other parameters of interest.

Audit of products and prices

All the data will be recorded and processed in a special information system, which has several advantages:

  • You can control the progress of the work in real-time;
  • Online viewing;
  • Data download to Excel;
  • Flexible access for a set of parameters (region, city, etc.) that you can provide to your regional offices or partners.

Find out the real situation at the sales points with all the details that are interesting for you. It is fast, confidential and at a reasonable price.

Take advantage of our free offer for a test audit of your Internet advertising by filling out this form and compare it with the report that your advertising contractor submits.


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