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Monitoring of competitors’ advertisements in the press. General analysis of the print media market

Information on your competitors’ advertisement placement or for a certain group of advertisers in the print press in any regions of Russia, assessment of the budgets and the share occupied by the print media in the advertising market. Providing the photos of samples of competitors' advertisements with specifying the size, format and position in the publication.

As a result of monitoring of the print media, the reports are compiled for each city studied. The data are loaded into a specialized Monitoring Information System, through which you can monitor the progress of work online, distribute the access rights by regions / cities or other parameters, and the statistical processing module allows you to group the data, determining the share of each advertiser's presence in the city, federal district or country as a whole.

The press monitoring report provides a comprehensive picture of the advertising activity of competitors, draws a map of the actions of advertisers of interest with an increase in scale up to the publication of a single advertisement.

Research Methodology: In the process of monitoring the print media, a list of publications to be monitored or a criterion for determining (for example, the top of 10 most popular publications among retired people in the area) is specified. Our local employees buy them and investigate for the presence of advertisements on the product group of interest. The corresponding advertising modules are photographed and registered in the monitoring information system. The advertiser, brand, position in the publication, size, format, date of the study are specified. Further thorough processing of the collected information is carried out in the central office in Moscow. A federal report is formed, which visually demonstrates with the help of tables, graphs and diagrams the following:

  • The volume of the advertising market of the print media with the distribution by type of publications (newspapers / magazines, daily / weekly / monthly, etc.)
  • TOP of advertised brands and advertisers with indication of the share of the advertising market occupied by the press
  • The number of advertisement publications in the media in total and spent advertising budgets *
  • Other parameters, on which it is necessary to emphasize, are at the choice of the customer

The monitoring information system allows the customer to generate the statistical reports independently on the parameters of interest in the specified location.

As an option, the conducted research can be supplemented by estimation of the budgets for placement of advertisements in the print media. With the help of open sources, the cost of these placements is estimated, as a result, not only the general picture of the placement of interested advertisers in the press but also their financial component ** is built up.


* The evaluation of the budgets of competitors is made from open sources at base prices, and does not include possible discounts / extra charges or special conditions.


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