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Distribution of advertising leaflets and newspapers by mail boxes and entrances

Spread your printed information or advertising by the mailboxes in different parts of the city. A huge audience and "forced" contact make this method of advertising one of the most effective and for many years it has not lost its relevance.

Distribution of advertising by mailboxes Placement of advertisements in mailboxes Advertising in mailboxes

Distribution of advertising by mailboxes is an effective method of promotion of goods and services that has long proved itself. It is suitable for various types of business, aimed at working with the end buyer. On the one hand, this is an inexpensive way to cover a large audience of citizens, and on the other hand, the opportunity to address to people living in a certain area or on a particular street. At the same time, you can deliver any amount of information to the consumer, as you are not limited to the scope of the advertising module.

Your advertising is sure to be seen because a person can pass by and not even notice the brightest and most attractive banner, but he will definitely look into his mailbox. By posting a calendar for a year or a subway map on the back of the flyer, you will attract additional attention to it and encourage the client to take it with you. By bringing your printed products home, a potential consumer will be able to familiarize with it in a relaxed atmosphere, and perhaps show it to their loved ones. The result of this promotion you can notice almost the next day.

The advantages of advertising in mailboxes:

  • Wide audience. This advertising channel is intended for a wide range of residents of the house / district / city.
  • Localization. You can choose those houses, districts and areas that are interesting to you.
  • Obligatory acquaintance. Regardless of our desires, we are forced to "clean" the mailbox, sort through and view everything that is in the mailbox.
  • The whole family reads. If the information is of interest to a potential client, then your leaflet / newspaper / booklet will be taken home and other family members will be able to get acquainted with it.

Distributing your advertising materials to mailboxes, you get the opportunity to inform the broad masses of people in clearly designated areas right at their home!


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