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Monitoring of outdoor advertisements of competitors. General analysis of the OOH advertising market

We will promptly provide the information on the placement of outdoor advertisements of your competitors or the market segment in general in any region of Russia. We will estimate the budgets and market share, and collect all the interesting information. We will give an expert opinion on the quality of the work of advertising contractors in any city of Russia on the basis of many-year statistics.

Every day, we physically check over 1000 addresses with outdoor advertisements, and our current routes cover up to 90% of all outdoor advertisements, which are located in the Country. Our capabilities allow us to conduct global research in the field of outdoor advertising in the shortest possible time and generate the reports on the issues that you are interested in:

The analysis of advertising companies of competitors in outdoor advertising is one of the most popular services that we provide. We carry out this work according to 2 methodologies:

The best scenario. Recommended for most customers.

What is required from the Customer:

To name the interesting brands or categories of advertisers in the regions /cities you are interested in.

Research Methodology: Within one to two weeks from the date of application during the scheduled round-trip of these regions, we ask our local employees to record all the outdoor advertisements you are interested in - write down their addresses and make photo / video reports on their location. Since, the routes of scheduled trips in each city cover in average from 60 to 90% of all outdoor advertisements located in the city, we provide a fairly informative cross-section about the current situation in the specified places.

Pros / Cons:

+ Speed - there are no preparations, we start with the first detour of this territory

+ Cost - we do this work in passing, so it costs less.

+ Large Scale - with the same speed, we will investigate for you the outdoor advertising market both in one particular city and within the whole Country.

- Not a flexible route - we make a detour for our own needs, and fix outdoor advertisements only within the limits of our route in this city.


2. A complex scenario. It is recommended to use in cases with "special" advertisers who prefer to place outdoor advertisements in non-standard places - highways, remote sites or concentrated in certain places, such as airports, train stations, shopping centers.

What is required from the Customer:

To name the interesting brands or categories of advertisers in the regions /cities you are interested in.

To approve the individual route in each Region/City. We plan it specifically, taking into account the features of the advertisers to be studied and the geography of the placement.

Research methodology:

Our representatives in the designated cities provide a trip within the approved individual route and locally fix all the outdoor advertisements you are interested in - write down their addresses and provide photo /video reports on their location. As a result, we get a cross-section about the situation with outdoor advertising strictly within the approved geography.

Pros / Cons:

+ Individual route for each region of interest, which will not allow a number of advertisers to "hide". For example, there are advertisers, placing the advertisements primarily on the highways, where our standard routes do not always run.

- Speed - in practice, it takes a lot of time to agree on routes.

- Cost - an extra charge for mileage is added to the standard cost of works which can be quite substantial

Each of the studies carried out optionally can be supplemented by the following data:


Estimation of the budgets of competitors or the market segment as a whole for the placement of outdoor advertisements.

Having examined the volumes and shares of placements of outdoor advertisements, we turn to open sources and estimate the cost of these placements. As a result, not only the full picture of the placement of the required advertisers is built up, but also their financial component *.

Recommendations on the quality of the work of advertising contractors in outdoor advertising in every city of Russia.

We have the unique statistics with the results of inspections of outdoor advertisements of our customers in each region of Russia, which clearly shows what percentage of rejects ** exists in some companies in different cities. These data have been collected for years, and according to their results, our customers have collected a large number of fines. You can understand and assess the risks of your work in advance


*The evaluation of the budgets of competitors is provided from open sources at base prices, and does not include possible discounts / extra charges or special conditions.

** Data on the quality of work are presented in a generalized form, as the aggregate statistics for all audited customers being audited in a specified city for a certain period of time.


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