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Monitoring of services and activities

Quick and independent analysis of the quality of services provided and the study of activities in various areas such as trade, health care, education, security, culture, art, finance, transportation, charity anywhere in Russia.

In every city of our large country there are many enterprises that provide services to citizens. Often, you can assess their quality either by listening to the participants of the process, or by providing an independent analysis. A similar situation is with numerous events, for which great amounts of money are spent, but it is almost impossible to assess them objectively so it is necessary to trust the local organizers or read about them in local media. With our help these tasks can be solved quite simply. Here are some standard solutions that we offer:

Monitoring of the market of commercial services such as restaurants, beauty salons, clinics, banks, notaries, car service centers and many other facilities that provide services to citizens, will be examined for quality, cost of services and other parameters you are interested in.

Monitoring of state and municipal services

Public events - monitoring of city or regional celebrations and events devoted to certain memorable dates.

Sports events - monitoring of sports events: football, hockey, basketball, martial arts, light and heavy athletics, marathons, cross-country skiing, etc.

Concerts and performances - monitoring of concerts and performances of artists on different types of venues.

Political events - monitoring of civil activity at pickets, marches and rallies.

The progress of construction is the operative and independent monitoring of the progress of construction of residential houses and industrial structures, roads and other infrastructure facilities.


We provide you with a convenient tool for quick and independent assessment of the real situation. In each city of Russia we have representatives who will promptly collect for you the necessary information on the work of service providers or visit the activities you are interested in and make a report on the parameters you are interested in.


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