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Distribution of promotional leaflets at the metro stations

Distribute your leaflets, booklets or newspapers through our promoters at the entrances / exits of metro stations. Huge streams of people will see your advertisement, the loudspeaker will tell about your product, and interested passers-by will take advertising material.

Distribution of advertising at the metro Advertising at the metro Distribution of leaflets at the metro

Almost at every metro station our representatives work daily. They give out a lot of free newspapers and various promotional materials. We permanently cooperate with the editions of many publications:

If you want to quickly and effectively attract the attention of potential consumers to new products, services, promotions and special offers, distribution of leaflets at the metro is the best option.

When distributing advertising it is very important to interest the buyer. Passing the flyer personally in hand is a great way. Taking a print medium, a person will necessarily pay attention to it, even if he is in a hurry. In addition, the buyer can not only independently learn about advertising, but also share information with someone from relatives or acquaintances, thereby making the consumer market wider.

Distribution of leaflets at the metro station Distribution of leaflets at the metro station

Distribution of leaflets is an effective advertising format as for a day a lot of people pass by the promoter. At the same time, he/she can apply directly to your target group taking into account gender, age and social belonging. And if you attach to your promotional materials a calendar for a year or a metro map, then your potential customers will appreciate it and keep the flyer permanently.

Starting an advertising campaign each customer wants to be sure that the distribution of leaflets will be really carried out and that promo materials will not be sent to the trash. Our team has been working in this field for many years and managed to implement many projects. For us, the long-term cooperation and customer confidence is more important than momentary benefits. We will organize an advertising campaign as soon as possible and inexpensively, and taking into account our experience and extensive staff we will distribute your information quickly and efficiently.

Here are a number of advantages of working with us:

  • Reputation. We monthly distribute millions of copies of newspapers and leaflets at the metro, the leading companies of the country trust us.
  • Capabilities. Due to current volumes we can organize large-scale promo-actions in the shortest possible time and do this without an advance payment.
  • Experience. We have been engaged in promo-distribution since 2004 and we are the undisputed leader in the Moscow distribution market.
  • Team. We have successfully implemented many projects in this area and continue to improve.
  • Honesty. We do not pursue fast money, our priority is long-term cooperation. We do not deceive our partners.

Distributing your advertising materials through our promoters near the metro stations, you get access to a virtually unlimited audience of metro passengers and will be able to promptly inform them about their products, services and ideas!


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