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Monitoring of indoor advertising (Indoor)

We provide a fast and independent audit of all types of indoor advertising in any region of Russia. Find out what is really happening with your advertising campaigns and assess the quality of work of your contractors!

Allocating a lot of money for indoor advertising, it is impossible to be sure that your advertisement  will be actually placed and that placement will be efficient. Our independent audit shows that the percentage of defects in placement of indoor advertisements is practically unlimited, because many small companies are operating in this field and act locally and for formation of an advertising campaign in several regions, it is necessary to work simultaneously with multiple contractors whose quality of work is very different.

Audit of indoor advertising Audit of indoor advertising Monitoring of indoor advertising

Consider the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns!

Here are some benefits you’ll get by working with us in the field of independent audit of indoor advertising:

Independent audit of indoor advertising

We are not an advertising company, so our audits are 100% independent and unbiased.

Long-term experience and reputation

Long-term experience and established business relationships with the leading companies of the country speak volumes. We try to maintain and improve our competence and professionalism by developing our network, improving methods of data collecting and analyzing.

Technology and automation

For convenience of our customers, we have created innovative software products that allow you to track the progress of works on control over the placement of your outdoor and indoor advertisements. The system allows you to grant the rights to viewing in such a way that contractors themselves see the revealed violations and can take measures as quickly as possible, and the company's employees only monitor the progress of work and corrections.

Response Speed

Imagine that your representative in one of the regions recorded violations in the placement of the indoor advertisements. Violations are reported to the central office, from where the claim is sent to the contractors’ office and from there the claim is moving to their representatives at the local level. After correcting the violations the inverse reaction to this claim goes which runs the same way. It takes a long time, involves extra burden on the staff and greatly reduces the efficiency of the advertising campaign. With our automation system, the field representatives of the contractor will be able to monitor all claims arising in real time and to respond quickly to them. For example, while it is night in Moscow - our employees in the Far East reveal a number of violations, the local representatives of the advertising contractor immediately take them to work and by the opening of the customer’s office in Moscow all the claims are resolved!


Using the data collected by us, it is very easy to understand the quality of work of your contractors, depending on the region, or percentages of the types of violations.

Dimensions and efficiency

On a weekly basis, we collect various data on advertising in more than 500 cities in all regions of Russia. Our resources allow us to track any ad placements anywhere in our country in a few hours.

As practice shows, if the process of the placement of indoor advertisements has no permanent and independent audit a significant part of placements cannot be simply provided and money is spent for nothing.

Take advantage of our free offer for a test audit of your indoor advertising by filling out this form and compare it with the report that your advertising contractor submits.


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