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Tracking your competitors' advertising campaigns

To gain and retain its leading position, every company must constantly be aware of what competitors are doing in the field of sales. Everybody understands that, but not everybody does it effectively. We offer a number of really effective tools that will allow you to see the necessary information about the activities of your competitors online and that allow our customers to focus on creating an effective promotion strategy in every city in Russia!

Analysis of competitors’ advertising campaigns

One of the most popular services that we provide is monitoring of competitors' advertisement placements. In the conditions of our great Country, one and the same product (service) cannot be sold in the same way. We offer our partners a convenient tool for auditing and analyzing the competitors' advertising, by which we can estimate the total volume of advertisement placed, its quality and effectiveness. Monitoring of competitors' advertisement is provided in all regions of Russia and in any type of media such as outdoor and indoor advertising, TV and radio advertising, advertising in the print media and on the Internet. Reporting on control of competitors' advertising is available in electronic form by means of access to the IMS (Information Monitoring System) which allows you to select an unlimited number of accounts with different rights and segments of access to the information while statistical modules of IMS will provide a clear analysis of competitors’ advertising campaigns.

Monitoring of competitors' prices

It is no secret that the correct price parameters at sales points plays one of the key roles in success of both individual stores and retail chains as a whole. For small businesses working locally, it’s not a problem to go to neighboring outlets and evaluate their products correctly. However, for large networks that have a variety of shopping facilities this task becomes much more complicated and monitoring of the competitor’s prices becomes a system task which is often entrusted to their own personnel at the local level.

Our solution in this area allows our customers to keep abreast of the competitors’ current prices at the local level and to build an optimal pricing policy in each of the retail facilities. Constant physical presence of our representatives in every city of Russia will provide the highest speed of monitoring of competitors’ shops and IMS (Information Monitoring System) will provide a convenient access to the collected information for employees of the central office as well as for representatives of the branch network.

With our help, any problems in monitoring of the activities of competitors will be much easier and cheaper for you than they are today. You will get the opportunity to analyze the performance of your competitors and be one step ahead!


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