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Monitoring of competitors’ advertisements and research of the advertising market

We will help you in the shortest possible time to form a picture of placement of your competitors' advertisements or to study the advertising market on all types of media (outdoor advertising, indoor *, TV, radio, Internet, transport, press, BTL) according to the criteria you are interested in, in every city of Russia!

Within several days, we will explore the whole country (or a separate city) and form a report where you can:

Find out the volumes of the competitors’ advertisement placements or an interesting segment for advertisers.

Get the samples of the competitors’ advertising creative.

Assess the advertising budgets of ** the competing companies.

Understand the structure of the presence of advertisers in various segments of advertising, form their list and specify the market share occupied.

Study in details the geography of the advertisers that you are interested in.

Get recommendations on the quality of the work of the local advertising contractors based on the large-scale statistical data.

Our advantages:

  • The largest geography of work in the Country. Your choice will not be limited to a narrow list of cities - we are physically present in every city in Russia.
  • Great work experience. Our clients are all the largest advertisers in Russia - for them we daily check the quality of their advertisements in all types of media.
  • Large Scale. Every day we check more than 1000 addresses with advertisements for their quality. Our capabilities allow us to conduct the large-scale research across the whole country in a matter of hours.
  • Reputation. Since 2009, many major companies trust us in research in the field of advertising.
  • Individual approach. We do not sell the reports made simultaneously for "everybody" with inconvenient dates, unnecessary cities and unnecessary data - we make an individual report for each client at the right time and in the right place.

List of Media Types to be studied

Outdoor advertising - monitoring of competitors and researching of all types of OOH advertising.

Internet - research of advertising campaigns in the Internet and evaluation of budgets of competitors in the Internet with all possible geo-targeting.

Indoor - monitoring the market for advertising surfaces inside buildings - restaurants, business centers, cinemas, airports, universities, schools, etc.

Transport - analysis of advertising campaigns on all types of land transport, metro and electric trains.

TV and radio - monitoring of ad units on regional TV channels and radio broadcasts.

Print media - assessment of the situation in the print media market in different regions


All data are recorded and processed in a special information system that displays the progress of work in real time, has the functions of online viewing, uploading data to Excel, flexible access to a variety of parameters (region, city, purchaser, etc.) that you can provide to your regional offices or partners.


* Indoor advertising - indoor advertising (interior advertising, IndoorAdvertising) - the type of advertisements placed on a stationary basis inside public premises.

** The evaluation of the budgets of competitors is provided from open sources at base prices, and does not include possible discounts / extra charges or special conditions.


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