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Monitoring of advertising in off-limits areas (universities, airports, plants, military camps)

We provide a fast and independent audit of all types of advertising in areas with limited access in any region of Russia. Find out what is really happening with your advertising campaigns in off-limits areas and assess the quality of work of your contractors!

Monitoring of advertising in universities Monitoring of advertising in plants Audit of advertising in airports

Allocating a lot of money for advertising in off-limits areas such as airports, universities, schools, territories of enterprise or Closed Administrative-Territorial Units, you have to trust your contractors, because it is extremely difficult to control this type of advertising. Over the years, we have found a lot of opportunities for access to various closed advertising platforms as we regularly track them for a number of our own clients and are ready to share this opportunity with you!

As practice shows, if the process of the placement of advertisements in off-limits areas has no permanent and independent audit a significant part of placements cannot be simply provided and money is spent for nothing.

Special proposal!

Take advantage of our free offer for a test audit of your advertising in airports, universities, schools, Closed Administrative-Territorial Units and other areas with limited access by filling out this form and compare it with the report that your advertising contractor submits.


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