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Distribution of advertising from stands in business centers

We will place your advertising printed materials on the stands located in the entrance group of business centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and other large cities of Russia.

Advertising on stands in business centers Advertising in business centers Stands in business centers

Advertising on the stands in business centers is an effective and economical way to stimulate sales, which allows you to convey your information to an active and highly profitable audience.

Increase the effectiveness of your campaign and save money by targeting your potential customers. Choose the objects you are interested in depending on the class, location, infrastructure, proximity to administrative points, etc. You will appreciate the effectiveness of this format of advertising, as the main audience of business centers is a fairly wealthy people. They are always interested in new offers on the market of goods and services, especially if they help to increase the efficiency of work or diversify their life.

Advertising on stands in business centers Advertising in business centers Stands in business centers

You can fully cover your target market segment and increase the frequency of promotional contacts. The stands are located in the most passable places of the building - the central halls. Employees and guests of the business center pass here, at least twice per a day. In addition, the lack of a large amount of competitive information helps to increase the interest of potential consumers in your product.

Advantages of advertising on stands in business centers:

  • Income level. The main audience is medium and high level managers with a high level of income.
  • Lack of advertising from competitors. In average, there are only 2-3 advertising constructions per a business center.
  • The frequency of promotional contacts. Employees and guests of offices daily pass by the entrance group, at least twice a day, therefore, with your advertising they will face constantly

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