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Testing and tracking the progress of construction projects

We provide an operational and independent audit ** of the progress of construction of residential and industrial buildings, monitoring of construction of roads and other infrastructure in any part of Russia. We can also visit the site as frequently as it is required, track the necessary parameters and provide photo- or video reports.

Audit of construction

Almost in every settlement of our great Country different residential and industrial facilities are built, and investors of these buildings can be both public and private companies. With account of the vast geography and remoteness of construction sites, it is quite difficult to understand the current situation whether the works are being carried out and at what stage they are. The only sources of information about what is happening at the site are contractors themselves, so you often become aware of problems and delays when the work must be completed.

With the help of our representatives in different cities and towns of Russia, we will visit the construction sites you are interested in as frequently as it is required, also we will make a report and provide photo (video) materials on the necessary parameters. You will see the progress of the facility construction as if it is being built in front of the window of your office.

Construction progress

All the data are recorded and processed in a special information system which has a number of advantages:

  • display of the real-time progress of the work;
  • ability to download data to Excel;
  • flexible access for a set of parameters (region, city, etc.) that you can provide to your regional offices or partners.

Our capabilities allow us to arrive at the construction sites in any part * of Russia as soon as possible and to get the latest information from these places. After receiving from us a real picture of the construction progress, you will be able to understand the existing problems at the site in advance and to take measures to eliminate them.

** The concept “audit and monitoring of construction projects” does not mean the specialized construction expertise, but it means a judgement of a common person (not professional) about the construction progress and recording of simple and public visible parameters.


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