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Independent audit of organization of show business events in any parts of Russia

We will provide fast and independent monitoring of concerts and performances, audit of touring organization in any parts of Russia. We will analyze the number of visitors in halls, format, pricing, design and many other parameters. You will get detailed and objective information from our independent sources at the local level. We supervise the festival arrangement.

Audit of concerts Monitoring of shows Audit of concert events

In different parts of our large Country many events are held daily in the field of culture, art and show business such as concerts, performances, film screenings, performances of circus artists and ballet, road tours and others. Organizers and sponsors allocate substantial funds to conduct every event, but with account of the vast geography, it is quite difficult to check how this money is spent. Our representatives in different cities and towns of Russia will visit the cultural or recreational events which you are interested in and make a report on the necessary parameters.

When auditing the events in the field of culture and show business, our customers are mostly interested in:

  • total number of viewers and the degree of fullness of the hall;
  • convenience and accessibility of ticketing, “grey market” activity before the performances;
  • content of the event, including a list and chronology of actors, duration of performances, recording of performances (if possible);
  • how comfortable it is for the audience to access to the event, presence of catering and souvenir outlets;
  • tracking the advertising and all types of sponsorship activity; interior and exterior decoration of the hall.

For your convenience, all the data are recorded and processed in a special information system that allows you to monitor the real-time progress of the work. The program has functions of online viewing, data download to Excel, flexible access for a set of parameters (region, city, etc.) that you can provide to your regional offices or partners.

With our help, you can easily find out all the necessary information about the cultural and recreational events that are held in the country directly from the venue from an independent source. It is fast, confidential and at a reasonable price.



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