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We provide a fast and independent audit of all types of advertising media (outdoor, indoor, TV, radio, Internet, transport, print media, BTL) in any part of Russia and the world. Find out what is really happening with your advertisements at the local level and how the competitors are behaving!

At the moment, we are the only company that can provide full-scale monitoring of advertising in all its forms throughout Russia. Most companies specializing in control over advertising focus on one direction of advertising (media, TV, print ads) or carry out the analysis of radio and TV programs in a limited number of cities (20-40).

Audit of outdoor advertising Audit of transport advertising Audit of press advertising

When placing your advertisement and information in remote towns and villages, you have to trust your contractors and hope for their honesty. Those, in turn, find sub-contractors at the local level and trust them as well. The only proof that your ads have been presented will be the report submitted by the Executive.

Monitoring of indoor advertising Monitoring of BTL-actions Monitoring of advertising in off-limits areas

We provide you with a convenient and inexpensive tool for self-monitoring of any type of advertising placements. In every Russian city *we have representatives who as quickly as possible collect for you all the necessary information at your request. The inspection system is customizable and you can choose the directions, cities, cut by social groups or audience you are interested in. The form and frequency of reporting are also selected at your choice.

Here are the main types of audit of advertising media that we provide:

Outdoor advertising — monitoring of all types of outdoor advertising.

Indoor advertising — monitoring of advertising surfaces inside buildings - restaurants, business centres, theaters, etc.

• Off-limits area — audit of advertising placements in areas with limited access - airports, universities, schools, Closed Administrative-Territorial Units, territories of enterprises.

• Transport — check of placement of advertisements on land transport, in metro and railway.

• TV and radio — monitoring of presentation of commercials on federal and local channels.

• Print media — audit of print advertising.

• BTL-actions — control of various promotional activities.

• Internet — audit of advertising on the Internet with all kinds of geo-targeting.

• Competitors — monitoring of competitors’ advertising at a local or global level.

All the data are recorded and processed in a special information system which displays the real-time progress of the work, has functions of online viewing, data download to Excel, flexible access for a set of parameters (region, city, purchaser, etc.) that you can provide to your regional offices or partners.

* 1262 settlements


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