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Distribution of advertising leaflets on stands

Place your print ads on stands and tables that are located in the halls of various public places: fuel filling station, supermarkets, shopping centers, business centers, hotels, airports, clinics, restaurants, etc.

Advertising on stands in polyclinics Advertising on stands at the airports Advertising on stands in a restaurant

The main advantage of this type of advertising distribution is that people take products from the stands consciously and only when they really are interested in this printed product. We offer you the widest choice of sites where our distribution points are located:

Since 2002 our company has been working in the market of advertising distribution of printed products. Having adopted the leading foreign experience, we were the first to bring to the Moscow market a service for free distribution of newspapers and magazines at refueling stations. At the first stages, publishers took this initiative with cautious interest, because it was not accepted to distribute newspapers for free. Over time, our clients have become convinced in effectiveness of cooperation, and the free distribution of print runs has become an integral part of almost all advertising publications.

Advertising on the stands at the refueling stations Advertising on the stands in the shopping centers Advertising on the stands in the business centers

Extensive work experience and narrow specialization allow us to provide our customers with the best service for the distribution of print advertising, which ensures us a steady growth in orders and gratitude of partners!


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