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Distribution of advertising in network supermarkets

Place your publications and print advertising on the stands located on the territory of retail facilities of the country's largest retailers. Here is only an incomplete list of networks with which we cooperate:

Advertising on the stands in supermarkets is a very effective, fast and inexpensive way to convey your information to the end user. This type of advertising allows you to reach a wide audience. At the same time, you can directly refer to the target market segment by selecting the trade facilities by type, class or location. High traffic in the area of the stands and the readiness of people to buy make this format of advertising popular among producers of goods and services.

You do not have to spend money for advertising for the category of citizens to which it is not interesting. To take or not take your leaflet the buyer will decide himself, if it really seems useful to him.

Advertising in supermarkets Advertising on stands in supermarkets Реклама на стойках

Advertising in supermarkets is a unique opportunity to appeal to the economically active category of citizens. Statistics show that 76% of city residents visit supermarkets at least 2-3 times a week, and most of them decide to purchase directly at points of sale

Placement on the flyers of information about additional discounts to the bearer will prompt the person to make a purchase.

The main advantages of advertising on the supermarket stands:

  • Wide audience. According to statistics, 76% of townspeople visit shopping centers.
  • High foot traffic. Stands are located in the most passable places, in the entrance group or in the cash area.
  • Willingness to buy. A person goes to the supermarket to buy, and your information can encourage him to make the right choice.
  • Clear segmentation. Due to the possibility of selecting the trade facilities depending on their location, assortment (universal, combined, etc.) and type (food, non-food, mixed), you can refer to the segment of the audience of your interest.
  • Affordable cost. A low price makes this type of advertising quite affordable.
  • Meaningful choice. The buyer will take your leaflet only if it seems interesting to him.

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