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Distribution of flyers under car wipers

We will distribute your leaflets and other promo materials using the method of their laying under the windshield wipers of cars. Tell about your product or service to the wide audience of motorists parked in the right places.

Advertising under car wipers Advertising under car windshield wipers

Distribution of leaflets under car wipers is an excellent tool for promoting not only specialized products and services (engine oils, auto parts, auto insurance, etc.), but also cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, fitness centers and much more. The number of car owners on the roads of our country is steadily increasing, and behind it the demand for this type of advertising is growing.

A car is not only a means of transportation, but also a certain status of the owner. Choosing the type (cargo, cars, etc.), brand and type of car, as well as the street or area of advertising, you can influence on the specific market segment you are interested in.

Distribution of advertising under car wipers Advertising under car windshield wipers

Distribution of promotional materials under windshield wipers will allow you to notify your target audience as soon as possible about the release of a new product, service, store opening or the beginning of the promotion. We will quickly launch the campaign because large number of executors allow us to start work in

Practice shows that the percentage of the impact of such advertising is much higher than in other types of distribution of leaflets. This is due to the fact that the car enthusiast is guaranteed to get acquainted with your offer, removing it from the windshield of the car. The additional motivation to take your advertising with you is the prospect of receiving a special discount when presenting this leaflet or booklet, or with placing the information useful to the driver (addresses of refills, telephone numbers of tow trucks, etc.).

Advantages of placing promotional materials under the car wipers:

  • Forced contact. Removing the flyer from the glass, the driver "forcibly" examines it.
  • Flexible selection. You can choose different types (jeeps, trucks, right-hand drive, domestic), brands or even car models.
  • Localization. You choose the streets / districts of the city that you are interested in.

Speed. The process of placing the flyers under wipers does not require a long preparation and in the presence of promotional materials is launched immediately.


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