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Monitoring of trade facilities

Operative monitoring of trading networks and research of points of sales to check the price and assortment policy for certain groups of goods. We will quickly find out for you the availability and retail value of all types of goods that are sold in trade networks in any city in Russia.

In every city or settlement of our large country there are many trade enterprises that are the link between the producer of goods and buyers. The way of the goods from the Producer to the Buyer is long and thorny, and often it passes through many intermediaries, that affects the prices, assortment and as a consequence the sales.

We offer operational research of trade facilities by the following criteria:

Monitoring of prices and assortment policy. Visits to points of sales and fixing the prices for goods or groups of goods of interest. Analysis of the representation of goods or groups of goods at the sales points.

Research of sales points. Analysis of advertising activity within the trading enterprise, a list of promoted products, evaluation of the attendance of a commercial facility.

Our capabilities allow us to visit the trade facilities you are interested in in the shortest possible time anywhere in Russia and record any information of interest about them. All the data are collected in the global monitoring information system that allows you to track the results of work online and organize the distributed access for your employees and partners by the region, city or other parameters.


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