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Advertising at fuel filling stations

Place your print ads and information in the vestibules or near the ticket offices at the fuel filling station. Choose the location of the fuel filling station and the brand you are interested in:

Distribution of advertising from stands at the fuel filling stations is an effective way to promote products if you are engaged in the production or sale of goods and services for motorists. Advertising at the fuel filling stations will not pass the attention of your client. The refueling process takes about 10 minutes in the region, this time is quite enough to get acquainted with your information.

100% coverage of the target audience is achieved due to the fact that our structures are always located in the places with the greatest traffic: the large fuel filling station vestibules with shops, cash zone at small fuel filling stations.

Advertising at the fuel filling stations Распространение рекламы со стоек на АЗС

The result from this type of promotion you can notice very quickly, because the majority of car owners are people with an average and high level of prosperity, who are always interested to learn about new products in the market of car goods and auto services.

Your advertisement will be remembered. Every motorist on the way to work or home is inclined to use the familiar fuel filling stations and visits them several times a week. This increases the frequency of promotional contacts and enhances the recognition of your brand.

Advantages of placing the advertisements at the fuel filling stations:

  • 100% audience coverage. Our advertising structures are located in the most passable places.
  • Prolonged contact with the advertising medium. People are at the fuel filling station at least for 10 minutes, and often more. This is an opportunity to learn more about your information.
  • Increase of brand recognition. The main contingent of fuel filling stations are regular customers. This promotes the growth of advertising contacts.
  • Fast result. Automobile owners and motorists are people with money, who are interested in novelties in the market of car goods and services.

Distributing your print media or advertising at a fuel filling station is the best opportunity to tell a wide range of motorists about yourself. Your advertisement will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people visiting refueling complexes, and those who are interested in it will take it with them.


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