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Research of sales points

In the shortest possible time, we will visit the retail facilities you are interested in in any point of Russia and we will form for you a picture for the promoted goods, record the samples of the advertised brands and estimate the attendance of the retail facilities.

Manufacturers of goods in every way try to stimulate the sale of their goods in retail chains, and spend on this the impressive marketing budgets. However, in fact, the effectiveness of such costs is often extremely low, since the agreements on priority lay-out or special product style are not implemented.

With our help, the producer (supplier) of the goods will quickly and easily be able to assess the local situation:

Learn the promoted brands in retail facilities and compare their placement with competing products.

See the quality of promotional materials and their location in sales areas at sales points.

Learn the real attendance of shopping facilities by buyers and their social demographic profile.

Survey of trade facilities for current network providers will help to better understand the situation with local sales, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing costs and take effective steps to stimulate sales.

Monitoring of trade facilities for potential suppliers of trade networks will allow assessing the local situation with sales in advance and to approach the cooperation with a retailer in a more reasonable way.


Our capabilities allow us to visit the most interesting retail facilities in any point of Russia in the shortest possible time and record all the information of interest about them. All the data are collected in the global monitoring information system that allows you to track the results of work online and organize the distributed access for your employees and partners by the region, city or other parameters.


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