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Distribution of promotional leaflets, magazines and newspapers

For more than twelve years of work we have formed and adjusted our own network for delivery of small print runs and cargo in the city of Moscow and other Russian cities. Every day hundreds of vehicles distribute our customers' products to thousands of addresses, delivering the print runs, advertising products, urgent small orders, etc.

Distribution of newspapers, magazines Distribution of printed advertising

We offer distribution of newspapers, magazines, and any advertising printed products in all possible ways

We offer distribution of newspapers, magazines, and any advertising printed products in all possible ways:

  • On stands at filling stations, in supermarkets, business centers, hotels, airports, clinics, restaurants
  • In the entrances of houses
  • Promo-distribution at the metro and in shopping centers
  • Targeted distribution in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities
Distribution of promotional flyers Distribution of newspapers and magazines Distribution of newspapers and magazines

Promotional distribution

Promo-distribution of leaflets, newspapers and magazines is a very effective method of advertising. Owners of small establishments: cafes, hairdressers, refuellings, shops can quickly increase attendance, giving out to potential visitors еру promotional leaflets.

Promo-distribution of advertising Promo-distribution of advertising

This type of advertising is aimed at people present here and now, that is potential customers of the facility. With a well-designed task you can significantly increase the efficiency of distribution by narrowing the circle of recipients to your target audience.


Distribution to mailboxes

It is the easiest and cheapest way to notify a wide range of people about your service. Despite the seeming negative background around this type of advertising, its effectiveness is very high. Most people carefully look up everything that is put in their mailboxes, and many persons are very positive and interested in free newspapers, magazines, catalogs.

Distribution of promotional flyers Distribution of promotional leaflets

Distribution on stands

Distribution of advertising on stands is an inexpensive and effective method to inform the potential customers about their product or service. Stands are located in the most passable places of the most interesting facilities for you (in airports, supermarkets, coffee houses, car dealerships, pharmacies, banks, state institutions), and people take a leaflet with advertising when it really interested them, i.e. consciously.

Advertising on stands in shopping malls Advertising on the stands in PF, municipal councils, employment centers Advertising on stands in business centers

Distribution to addresses

Transfer your advertising medium directly into the hands of a potential customer, using our services for targeted delivery. People regard this method of advertising as a personal appeal therefore they react to this information more positively than to other formats of advertising.

Direct mail Address distribution of advertising, printed products


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